Friday, 9 February 2018

9. The practicalities of filming/recording/photographing: when and where production will take place and who with.

The practicalities in terms of my shoot are very simple and easy to follow from this table below, on all of the days i am shooting, i will be with both of my actors.

Monday, 5 February 2018

8. The planning I intend to complete in order to ensure a successful outcome for my production.

To ensure that my production has a successful outcome, I intend to complete a series of pre-production planning for my two adverts.

My intended plans are:

  • To create a timeline of my shots in my adverts-completed 13/01/18    
This will help me decide where and when to shoot and what shots I will need to take, therefore it is the basis for the rest of my planning.           
  • To complete a risk assessment for my shoots-completed 23/01/18 
I completed a risk assessment to make sure that my shots were suitable to be filmed and followed the ASA' guidelines on what is and isn't appropriate to shoot.
  • To complete a location report and test shoot-completed 24/01/18  
In order to manage my time more efficiently with my actors, and make sure I knew what I was going to do, I went out and did a test shoot and a location report based off of my timeline.
  • To create a cast and costumes list  
I intend to create a cast and costumes list to ensure that my actors know what to wear and to make sure that I don't forget any props that I need for my shoot.
  • Create a shot list/schedule-completed 03/02/18
I created a shot list/schedule to ensure that my adverts ran smoothly and I knew what order to take my shots in so we didn't have to go to and from locations, we would film all the shots in one location at the same time.
  • To create a brand name design-completed 03/02/18
I created a brand name design to ensure that my two adverts were synergistic and had a strong brand identity that appealed to the target audience.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

6. What I have learnt about the ASA rules in relation to television, and how I intend to use this knowledge and understanding, to ensure my production is appropriate to the media industry context of the set brief I have chosen.

The Advertising Standards Authority, ASA, is the body that controls and regulates the adverts that are shown on British television. Therefore I have to make sure that my two adverts follow the strict rules and guidelines set by the ASA, to ensure that my adverts are suitable to be shown on British television.

Rule 4.9: Advertisements must not condone or encourage violence, crime, disorder or anti-social behaviour.
The Xbox 360 advert featured below was banned because it was deemed too violent and that it promoted antisocial behaviour and disorder among the young people that would see it, and probably imitate what is happening, as it is quite an engaging advert. 

In one of my two adverts there is a scene of my male actor spray painting some graffiti onto a wall in a tunnel. I have worked to make sure that this does not break the aforementioned rule as the graffiti he is producing is a piece of art and is in a place where you are allowed to spray paint. This will be made abundantly clear in my advert as the framing will be wide enough for the audience to see that it is actual art, not a random place where people spray tags onto the walls. 

Rule 4.4: Advertisements must not include material that is likely to condone or encourage behaviour that prejudices health or safety.
This Jaguar F-type advert was banned because it broke the rule above concerning health and safety, as it shows reckless driving and the voice over builds up the impression that speed is good and that you can go as fast as you want, but you still won't crash. As this ad encouraged such acts it was deemed inappropriate to be seen on TV it was banned.
In my advert there will be a scene of my female actor climbing up an enclosed tower and then looking out at a view. This scene presents some difficulties, as it could break the rule above, however the way i will present the scene will not explain in full how the shot was actually taken, even though it will be completely safe. This means that the shot is purely for story line purposes and is not condoning any dangerous behaviour, that presents a risk to the health and safety of the people watching the advert. My advert is also targeted at 16 year olds+ and will therefore not be viewed by younger children who may be tempted by this quick scene of climbing, and the older people watching it will have the common sense and logic to not try this as the safety equipment is not in shot and they can't see how it was done. 

Rule 3.12: Advertisements must not mislead by exaggerating the capability or performance of a product or a service.
The Nivea Black or White ad is an example of an ad that follows this rule as it has been rigourously tested and proven to keep white clothes white and black clothes black, as it will not stain them. This is beneficial as it brings in revenue for them from people seeing the advert but it means they also wouldn't have lost money like they would have if the advert was banned.
In relation to this my product is designed simple and gives off the obviously untrue idea that you can lead double lives, but it does promote the idea that you can do whatever you want to do and that wave is a deodorant to keep you smelling fresh while you do it.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

5. What I have learnt about the representation of events, issues, individuals, and social groups in television, and how i intend to demonstrate this knowledge and understanding in my production in order to communicate meaning successfully.

The representation of individuals and issues in television adverts has changed greatly over the past few years. As society has changed to become more politically correct, which means TV advert makers must also change their adverts so that they retain their audience, while also attempting to expand it.

An example of this is the lynx ad campaign, which has changed massively over the past few years, from being the 'get the girl' ad to the much more toned down version of this, while also becoming a unisex brand.

This change in Lynx' advertising is very significant as it shows just how the representation of individuals and social issues in TV advertising has changed. I have decided to follow this change to an extent with my female protagonist being very self sufficient and denoted as a strong independent woman, while my male character is still similar but a lot less brash as the men were in earlier lynx adverts.

Another challenge to gender stereotypes and how they are portrayed in the media can be seen very clearly in the Channel, Coco Mademoiselle advert which features Keira Knightley and Alberto Ammann. Kiera Knightley is portrayed as the strong independent woman and is supposed to be a representation of all women in society. This bodes especially well with the soundtrack that Channel used, 'It's a man's man's man's world,' to help get their point across of challenging stereotypes and the representation of women in TV adverts.

For my TV adverts I have decided to keep my male actor as the fairly stereotypical male, however my female actor will be challenging the traditional female stereotype, as I plan to include scenes of her climb up a tower, and skateboarding down a street, as well as playing a sport in the park. All of these Scenes will come together to for a character that challenges gender norms and and individuals identities.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

4. What I have learnt about the content and appeal of television and how I intend to demonstrate this knowledge and understanding in my production in order to communicate successfully with the target audience.

From my research of existing TV adverts I have found that the vast majority represent the average man and woman, they do however usually enhance their deodorants appeal by including extra, inspirational features and characteristics to their actor's, so that they attract more of the audience to come and buy their deodorant.

In TV adverts a common convention is to create a realistic character that represents the general public, but they almost always include an obtainable but appealing feature of what will happen to the audience if they use the deodorant.

In the screenshots and video above, from the Hugo Boss 'Man of Today' advert, you can see that Gerard Butler is presented a cool guy who takes the day as it comes and just takes everything in his stride, he doesn't let anything phase him. This is inspirational for the audience as it connotes across to them the idea that they can do anything they want, nothing can stop them, if they use Boss. I plan to use this idea in my adverts as I believe it will play well with my intended audience and will attract them to the thought of buying my product, as my product has the theme of being able to take on the world. You live your two separate lives, the professional and the outlaw, switching between them with Wave.

Another appeal of TV adverts is the style of the actors in the adverts. As i said above, this attracts people to the adverts as they want to look good, they enjoy the idea of being able to live their lives to the fullest, and this is connoted through the way the actors dress as it denotes to the audience that they have money, if they're in a suit. 

In this lynx advert the man is dressed rather well and is shown to keep his composure even though he has made a mistake, and that he will inevitably get the girl because of this. This connotes the emotional appeal across to the audience, that they can do whatever they want if they use the product, but that they will also be able to get the girl/man and the connotations surrounding that by using this product.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

3. What I have learnt about the codes and conventions of television, and how I intend to demonstrate this knowledge and understanding in my production in order to communicate meaning successfully.

In the TV advert industry there are many codes and conventions that the producers follow as these are sure tried methods and give good results for the company making the product as it entices people very well into buying their product.

I have found, looking through lots of deodorant adverts that a common convention is that the deodorant bottle is very central to the filming and is at the forefront of what the actor is doing. This is to ensure that the audience remember what the product looks like and that the image of it is fresh in their head. The product designers however do have to make sure that what they are selling is eye-catching, so that it produces good results.

As a result I have planned for the bottle in my advert's to be very prominent, especially at key moments when the audience will remember what it looks like, as this is a convention of TV adverts.

Another convention of TV adverts is to have the actor use the product that they are promoting as this plays well with the audience, because the actor is representing them and how they would be using it. Therefore the audience will identify with the actor and see themselves as that person.
In the above screenshot from the Dove and Nivea adverts, the convention is to show the actors using the deodorant. As a result I have included three shots, one of the male actor and one of the actress, spraying the deodorant on all the while still having the bottle logo visible.

In most deodorant adverts the focus of the commercial is on you, as seen in the screenshot below, with 'you' being referenced a lot. Their use of speaking in the second person is very effective as it denotes to the audience that this could be them, they get a real sense of involvement and can identify with the actor/character very easily.
My adverts will contain the sense of 'you' in them. It will feature many times in the voice over of both adverts, to have the maximum possible effect on the audience. I am following this convention as it represents who the deodorant is actually for, 'you,' and I believe that this is one of the most effective ways of getting your message across, especially as my slogan is, "Don't crash out, Ride the Wave." It is all about you, even though that isn't explicitly mentioned in the slogan it is connoted in the phrasing.