Thursday, 8 February 2018

13. End of Blog

You can find all of my work regarding my NEA project under the label of AS Research and Planning on the right hand side of my blog.

Thank you for reviewing my blog, i hope you enjoy it!

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Friday, 19 January 2018

11. Production Review: My Production and My Intended Improvements

In order to be able to improve my two adverts I have had a number of reviews done for my two adverts from a variety of different people.

Mrs B gave me feedback that my adverts were along the right lines but I should redo my voice over but this time with both female and male voice actor's. This was to steer my adverts more to the female side of the market as they are quite blokey. I plan to make this change shortly and will have a female voice over for my first advert and a male voice over for my second advert.

Sam also gave me feedback but his however was much more technical with advice telling me to fix my split screen issue's and to also add some colour correction to some scenes in my adverts. Sam also instructed me to add a fade into colour rather than the straight change that I have, I think it will look much better with a fade.

Mrs Dymioti's improvements for me were to change my slogan to include sparks as a reference to why the trailer changes from black and white to colour when the two characters meet. However due to time constraints I am planning to keep my slogan the same as I am struggling to think of a new one, that includes sparks.

My overall feedback from a variety of people in my target audience range group was that they liked it and they thought it was good. They did however have ideas about how I should make my split screen more central and adjust my audio balance, which I plan on doing. 

Thursday, 18 January 2018

10. My Planning Evidence

In order to make sure that this project was successful I planned it out thoroughly in advance and made detail lists and ideas about what I wanted to accomplish and when.

My Production list and risk assessment

I created this list so that it was clear when and where I was going to film, which was useful for me when I was informing my actors about the schedule for our shots. This list was also useful as it gave a brief overview of the risks that we might encounter, and enabled me to plan a way around these risks to try and reduce the probability of them happening.

My Storyboard

I created my storyboard so that I could have a visual representation of all my shots, which obviously made it easier to plan out and visualise during shooting. This helped me to cut out a lot of time during the actual shoots as I already had the ideas for what I wanted my shots to look like, as well as reducing time wasted in post production. Blue representing MS and LS and pink representing CU.

My Timeline

Pictured above are the timelines for my two adverts, these time lines were one of the very first things I did and they helped me plan my project, with me basing my shot lists and storyboard off of it.

My Shot Lists

These are my shot lists which were very useful during my actual filming for the trailers. As you can see on the left page I ticked off the shots once I had completed them, I also labelled the best shots I had taken to reduce time wasted during editing looking through clips.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

9. The practicalities of filming/recording/photographing: when and where production will take place and who with.

The practicalities in terms of my shoot are very simple and easy to follow from this table below, on all of the days I am shooting, I will be with both of my actors.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

8. The planning I intend to complete in order to ensure a successful outcome for my production.

To ensure that my production has a successful outcome, I intend to complete a series of pre-production planning for my two adverts.

My intended plans are:

  • To create a timeline of my shots in my adverts-completed 13/01/18    
This will help me decide where and when to shoot and what shots I will need to take, therefore it is the basis for the rest of my planning.           
  • To complete a risk assessment for my shoots-completed 23/01/18 
I completed a risk assessment to make sure that my shots were suitable to be filmed and followed the ASA' guidelines on what is and isn't appropriate to shoot.
  • To complete a location report and test shoot-completed 24/01/18  
In order to manage my time more efficiently with my actors, and make sure I knew what I was going to do, I went out and did a test shoot and a location report based off of my timeline.
  • To create a cast and costumes list  
I intend to create a cast and costumes list to ensure that my actors know what to wear and to make sure that I don't forget any props that I need for my shoot.
  • Create a shot list/schedule-completed 03/02/18
I created a shot list/schedule to ensure that my adverts ran smoothly and I knew what order to take my shots in so we didn't have to go to and from locations, we would film all the shots in one location at the same time.
  • To create a brand name design-completed 03/02/18
I created a brand name design to ensure that my two adverts were synergistic and had a strong brand identity that appealed to the target audience.

  • To create a story board-completed 04/02/18                                                                                    
I created a story board so that it would be much easier for me to plan out my shot list to actually film my footage, but also to make it easier for me to edit in post production.